“They created a bogus law that says you had to be a resident of the country for five years,” says Jean.

“I’m a stronger supporter of Barack Obama.” Right now, he says he’s going to focus on developing young artists.

“I want to continue on the trail to being a music executive,” he says.

'I'm not married and I don't have anyone expecting anything...

That is correct until I say out of my mouth to the contrary.

“The greatest gift I possess is the ability to spin notes to the world.” Jean feels that’s the talent that stole him away from his first calling.

“I probably would have been a famous minister,” laughs the son of a pastor. ” YOU SHOULD KNOW Wyclef Jean will be signing books Tuesday at Barnes & Noble Fifth Ave., at 46th St., from - p.m.The police reported otherwise saying that Wyclef was not wounded by a bullet but was cut by glass.Police Chief Vanel Lacroix said "we met with the doctor who saw him and he confirmed Wyclef was cut by glass." After the group formed in the 1980s under the name Tranzlator Crew, they signed to Ruffhouse Records and Columbia Records in 1993; they then changed their name to Fugees – an abbreviation of "refugees", also a reference to Haitian immigrants.“I’ve been told by many angry people who are also her fans that if I hadn’t messed with her, she would not have gone so insane,” he complains in the book.In conversation, he says this: “If a man is in a relationship with a female and the man leaves the female, and she goes in a relationship with another man and has five children with that guy ...In 1982 Wyclef moved with his family to northern New Jersey.