By now everyone is aware of the problems associated with installing Windows XP SP3.

The amount of time and money wasted with this demon is immeasurable.

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The public’s lack of acceptance of Windows Vista has only added to the feeling of being blindsided by an old friend.

I am outlining the problems and providing information to fix the issues found to date. Don’t be one the unfortunates that is rear-ended while slowing to view the carnage. I am not telling you to take preventative measures and then install.

I've been asked to update some computers running Windows XP (without any service packs) to Windows XP SP3.

The computers don't have an internet connection (only a small intranet) and have never been updated since first install.

Rather than continuing to coupe the fallen victim, lets get on with it. Registry Corruption After Installing Windows XP SP3.

Starting one day after the May 6th release, users were reporting problems with their network connections.

To install Service Pack 3 Back to Top To find additional information, such as release notes and the SP3 deployment guide, go to Windows XP Service Pack 3 Resources on the Microsoft Tech Net website.

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SP3 full download is in the order of 363MB if I remember rightly, I had to get someone on broadband download that for me (when I was on dial-up). The thought did enter my mind yesterday and I was even gonna toss that in my inquiry, but I was rushing things as I got back to my place a bit late. But the thought of all of the KB security updates released after SP3 sends a shiver up my back if you were on dial-up. free 12.3.2280/ Outpost Firewall Pro9.3/ Firefox 51.0.1, u Block Origin, Request Policy/ Mail Washer Pro7.8.0/ Drop My Rights/ Malware Bytes Anti Malware Premium 2.2.0/ Win Patrol / Drive Image 7.1/ Snag It 10.0/ avast! Let's just say that when I get around to updating their computer to SP3 something goes drastically wrong.