Yuko will be filling in on Mondays while Hawk is gone. :) Now, we just need to figure out how to get her and Hawk together so they can breed beautiful artist babies… A great comic was lost then, but thankfully we still have AG and Johnny Wander to tide us over. What I don’t recognize is the other brunette that took her bag.

I’m still looking to arrange something for Thursdays, so those are unfortunately still a maybe. I did pass Hawk about 20 AG Lite scripts before he left, so those will definitely update like usual. Can’t think of a better person than Yuko to sub in while Hawk’s away; I love how expressive her art is, it really does the characters justice and then some. So, either I’m experiencing an extended brainfart or this isn’t a story comic.

Thus he decides to enact an old Candy Kingdom edict - the Royal Hero Draft.

Thus each issue in the series features a new pair of Adventure Time characters being tested out as possible heroes to replace Finn and Jake.

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But thankfully this is knowledge that is limited to the reader and the in-story characters remain in the dark for most of the story.

As much as Peppermint Butler seems to have all the trappings of a good detective, we see that his investigation doesn't immediately yield results.

But he does the best that any supporting character can in terms of seeing the adventure through.

The series as a whole runs in little vignettes - I suppose you could look at them as "cases" or something.

I really enjoyed Candy Capers - it's mostly a gateway comic that features a wide number of Adventure Time characters other than our protagonists Finn and Jake.

Each issue includes at least two comics: The lead story is written by North and drawn in the style of the cartoon by Paroline and Lamb; and one or more backup stories created by an indie comic artist, drawn in their own style.

An all-new stand-alone ADVENTURE TIME story featuring Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun! Don't worry Candy Kingdom, Peppermint Butler and Cinnamon Bun will...protect...you?